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ETC Building Virtual Worlds/ AR/VR Game Development Course

• 3D Artist, game designer, and producer for the fast-paced iterative class. Created five interactive experiences for platforms including Magic Leap AR, Oculus, HTC Vive, Jam O Drum.
• Created Unity prototypes, VFX using Shader Graph
• Created 3D/2D characters, scenes, UI using Blender, Photoshop, Substance Painter, ZBrush, and Unity.

**Click a round below to see more about it**

Round 5: A Sip In Time <Oculus VR>

My contribution: Story & Level Design, 2D Concept Art, VFX, 3D Environment & Character, Theming Plan

Round 4: Bed Time <Oculus VR>

My Contribution: 3D Animation & Environment, Game Design & Story, 2D Concept Art

Round 3: BCW2021 <Jam O Drum>

My contribution: 3D Character & Environment, Theming Plan, Animation, VFX

Round 2: Anna <HTC Vive>

My contribution: VFX, Story & Game Design, 3D Animation & Environment, 2D Concept

Round 1: CAT & MOUSE <Magic Leap AR>

My contribution: 3D Character &  Environment, 2D Concept, Animation