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2021 Demo Reel

Demo Reel Breakdown

"Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart" - Shading and Groom                               (2021)
Individual project, likeness study, responsible for all aspects except concept

• Hair groom using Xgen’s guide splines. Created with multiple layers of descriptions, masks, various clumps, cut, and noise modifiers.

• Lace used procedural material created with Substance Designer, all cloth parts created with Marvelous Designer.

• Textures made using Substance Painter and Zbrush vertex paint.

• Lighted with volumetric lighting. Created individual render layers with attribute overrides and composited with Nuke.

"Meet Oinky" - Shading and Groom                                                         (2020)
Individual project, responsible for all aspects

• Full body pig groom using Xgen’s guide splines, interactive groom. Hand painted masks for xgen MEL script to create different density&width fur.

• Created blend shape for interactive groom.

• All texture made using Substance Painter. Composited with Nuke.

"Lion Warrior" - Shading and Groom                                                       (2020)
Individual project, responsible for all aspects except concept

• Full body fur using Xgen’s groomable splines. Individual descriptions for braid, body hair, eyebrow and long fur.

• Cloth used Marvelous Designer.

• All texture made using Mari. Composited with Photoshop.

"Rhythm"  Animation Project                                                                (2020)
Group project, responsible for Character lookdev, Concept Art

• Production guided by faculty advisor from Carnegie Mellon University

• Responsible for concept art(Environment, Character), Character lookdev

• Created all Character models with Zbrush and textures using Substance.

• Created storyboard, intro & ending 2D scroll painting with traditional ink paint artstyle.

• Polished animations and final production. Rendered with Unreal.

Procreate, Charcoal & pencil
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