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Bed Time

A VR Story-Driven Experience

Bedtime is VR story-driven experience. You play as the father as you try to get your son to go to bed. Journey to Slumber Island and learn what secret it hides.

Game Info

  • My Role: 3D Artist

  • Team Size: 5 (2 Programmers + 2 Artists + 1 Sound Designer) 

  • Duration: 2 Weeks

  • Language: C# (Unity)

  • Platform: Oculus Rift

  • Tools: 

  • Blender, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Maya, Photoshop, Unity

BVW course project - 2019.10

Demo Video

My Contribution

1. Concept Art

2D Concept Made with Procreate

2. 3D Environment & Character

Battle Scene in Unity

Kid's Room Scene in Unity

I created the 3D environment using blender according to the initial concept art drawn using Procreate. I added a lot of retro game elements in the scene to make the audience feel more connected to the game.

Kid's Room in blender

The game has two scenes, one in the real world, whereas the other one is in the kid's drawing: The Slumber Island. 

Slumber Island has a unique sketchbook art style, the art style is inspired by Paper Guy. 

Slumber Isand

3. Theming Plan

This game made to the BVW festival and I designed the theming plan

Reference & Final Shots of Kid's Room

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