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A Sip in Time

VR two-player co-op game

A Sip In Time is a VR two-player co-op game in which the two players will meet with a mysterious bartender and have several time travel experiences into the bartender’s critical moments in his life. In each memory piece, the two players will cooperatively solve a simple puzzle, which will protect or help the bartender. So actually the two players are the bartender’s guardian angel, but the bartender will never know.

BVW course project - 2019.11

Game Info

  • My Role: Producer & 3D Artist

  • Team Size: 5 (2 Programmers + 2 Artists + 1 Sound Designer) 

  • Duration: 2 Weeks

  • Language: C# (Unity)

  • Platform: Oculus

  • Tools: 

  • Blender, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Maya, Photoshop, Unity

Demo Video

My Contribution

In the memory scenes, there are some bad things happening to the bartender and the time stopped at that moment. When the time stopped, it’s time for our players to do something, which needs to be intuitive, meaningful as well as fun.

On a cocktail party where the bartender first met his wife, he slipped and fell down. The players should put a chair to support him and return those glasses to his hands.

1. Story & Level

Party Scene

On a moving train, the bartender’s wife was going to leave him. The players’ job is to assemble a bunch of roses and pass it to the bartender’s hand.

Train Scene

Cruise Scene

The bartender and his wife were attacked by some gangsters. The players should remove the bullets from hurting them.

2. Concept Art

2D Concept Made with Procreate

The art style is inspired by Sleep No More. We all loved that show and we wanted to go for the 20-30s style.


We combined gothic and retro, together with a time travel story, made this game more mysterious and intriguing. We researched the bar at that time, the mainstream music, even the art that indicates Time. Eventually, we chose Dali to be the artist that represents the art style.


Cruise - wireframe

Cruise - concept

3. 3D Environment & Character & Animation

I used modular tree add-on in blender to create procedural trees.

Animated UI made by me

3D Process Screenshots

 I took Blender as my main tool to build the environment and character. Also, I use Zbrush and substance painter to make the high mesh, retopology, and bake normal map.

4. Theming Plan

This game made to the BVW festival and I designed the theming plan


Theming plan & Final look

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