Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - 1756

One of my favorite composers, Mozart.


Thanks to the help from my friends and mentor, I did a complete rework on this piece. A lot of hard decisions were made to ensure the piece stays true to the original reference while anatomically accurate. The result is a combination of the unanimous features of existing portraits and clothing from the time period. 

This is my first realistic 3d character study. Sculpted in Zbrush, texture painted in Zbrush and Substance. The lace part used a procedural texture made with Substance Designer. I used Xgen core for the hair, Marvelous Designer for the cloth simulation, rendered in Maya with Arnold, composited in Nuke.

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Creating lace with Substance Designer

Creating cloth with Marvelous Designer

Sculpt in Zbrush


Grooming (peach fuzz, hair, eyelash, eyebrow)