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Meet Oinky

This is part of my independent study.

The concept came from Babe the pig and Charlotte's Web. I wanted to challenge myself by making realistic animal, and express their cuteness. I did a lot of research, including animal anatomy, different pig species, etc.


By the time I was working on this little project, it's snowing outside in Pittsburgh. So I decided that I add the snowflake effect, just to give more liveliness to it.


The piece was rendered with Maya Arnold. I sculpted Oinky in Zbrush, did the petopo in 3Dcoat, used Substance Painter for the texture,  Xgen core for grooming, and Nuke for compositing.

  • Artstation-512
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Full Body

Lighting Test

Test Skin

So excited that Oinky got promoted by Foundry team!

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