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Cat and Mouse

AR Parker Game

Cat and Mouse is an AR game where guests need to help the cute little mouse who stole the cheese to run away from the cat by feeding mouse cheese to speed it up or dropping traps on the cat to slow it down.

Game Info

  • My Role: 3D Artist

  • Team Size: 5 (2 Programmers + 2 Artists + 1 Sound Designer) 

  • Duration: 2 Weeks

  • Language: C# (Unity)

  • Platform: Magic Leap AR

  • Tools: 

  • Blender, Substance Painter, Procreate

BVW course project - 2019.9

Demo Video

My Contribution

1. Concept Art

Game Scene Concept Art

2. 3D Environment & Character & Animation

I used blender to make the 3d environment, the art style was inspired by overcooked.

Character modeling and animating was also done using blender. 

Game Scene

Mouse - 3D Model

Rigging & Animating

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