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Hi I'm Rosy!

Let's make games together!

I am Rong Fu, you can also call me Rosy:D

Currently, I am working as a Technical Artist at Naughty Dog. I recently graduated as a master of Entertainment Technology at Entertainment Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University. I also possess a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Game programming at the Communication University of China. I have experiences in character art and environment modeling, texture art, and concept art. 

I do Programming, film production, game design, and theatre. I worked as a programmer in an indie-game company: indienova for 6 months and released Flood of Light on Nintendo Switch.

Besides game and animation, I love watching British Rock band live performance, musical, photography, and learning languages. I also enjoy cooking Japanese cuisine.

I passed my Japanese N1 exam and currently, I am learning French:)

Feel free to connect with me through links below!

  • Artstation-512
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

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